Friday, August 23, 2013

Upcoming Races in Southeastern WI

In keeping with my “I’d rather run FOR something than just run miles” mentality, tomorrow I will be running the Electric Run 5k and got to thinking that I want to do at least one race per month this year. I started with May and have done one per month so far so why not continue into the fall/winter of 2013 and the spring of 2014?
I was advised of the 10k/15k Great Lakes Running Series by one of my co-workers…looked into it and since they were offering early bird registration fees, with an even bigger discount if you were one of the first 200 to sign up…of COURSE I signed up!

Therefore, my official racing schedule (at least the ones I’ve registered for so far) beginning now and leading into Spring 2014 are…

08.24.13 – Electric Run (Racine – 5k/3.1 mi)
09.28.13 – Brewers Half (Milwaukee – 13.1 mi)
10.26.13 – Lakefront Discovery (Milwaukee – 15k/9.3 mi)
10.27.13 – GLRS 1 (Great Lakes Running Series) – Pumpkin Run (Oconomowoc – 10k/6.2 mi)
11.23.13 – Turkey Trot (Milwaukee – 5k/3.1 mi)
11.24.13 – GLRS 2 (Great Lakes Running Series) – Elf Run (Waukesha – 15k/9.3 mi)
12.14.13 - Jingle Bell 10k (Madison - 6.2 mi)
12.31.13 – GLRS 3 (Great Lakes Running Series) – Run into the New Year (West Allis – 10k/6.2 mi)
02.02.14 – GLRS 4 (Great Lakes Running Series) – Expo Run (Milwaukee – 10K/6.2 mi)
02.16.14 – GLRS 5 (Great Lakes Running Series) – Big Chill Run (Oconomowoc – 10k/6.2 mi)
03.23.14 – GLRS 6 (Great Lakes Running Series)– Final Race – Luck of the Irish Run (Hartland – 15k/9.3 mi)
05.??.14 – Green Bay Cellcom FULL Marathon (Green Bay - 26.2 mi) 

This is a HUGE commitment, and I know I’ll be running a couple races in frigid weather but I’m so excited to see what I can do (and let's be honest, to be able to say that I did!)

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