Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Subway Rant

I love Subway. I think it is just fabulous. I have loved Subway since I was in middle school. They have so many options and now that they have the little nutrition menus that show how many calories are in everything they make, you know exactly what you’re getting.

I usually order either sliced turkey, or sliced chicken on wheat with almost all of the veggies, spinach instead of lettuce, nix the banana peppers, and then a little bit of the fat free raspberry vinaigrette. I used to put southwest chipotle on it but then discovered my love for vinaigrettes one time when the not-so-nice Subway in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin that I was forced to stop at during a long drive was out of the southwest chipotle. They were also out of pickles and tomatoes – sigh. That Subway is on my List.

Anyways, other than That Subway, I love all other Subways – the people are usually pretty friendly, they don’t force chips and soda down your throat – I usually go for the Vitamin Water or sometimes splurge and go for the Raspberry Iced Tea. However, now the Subway next to my gym has opened up their own Subway CafĂ© juice bar…yummy!

Subway also has very convenient locations so if it comes down to a quick fast food meal, there’s usually ALWAYS a Subway. Besides, let’s face it - it smells awesome inside a Subway.

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