Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hot days and a fabulous image

This week’s run recap is as follows:
Monday – 2 miles
Tuesday – rest (I walked my dog – he loved it but he got really hot after a mile or so)
Wednesday – 3 miles
Thursday 2.5 miles
Friday – rest and date with the fiancé
Saturday – 5 miles
I didn’t have very good runs this week and I’m going to blame on the fact that it was really hot and humid.  I’m talking like 95-98 degree days where normal people would just go to the gym and use the Dreadmill…but since I really don’t like doing that, I still chose to run outside.  The Big 10 10k is next week and I’m super excited!  I rarely get to see Bucky Badger in the summer since football and basketball seasons aren’t going on.
 2 races next week – a 5k on Thursday and a 10k on Saturday!

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