Friday, July 12, 2013

New flats and hot days

I picked up these super cute flats at Target today.  I already love them.  I might live in them from now on.  They have them in approximately 600 different colors and I wanted all of them but since the fiance and I are paying for a wedding, and a house, and at least one new vehicle in the next year, we would have basically had to give up eating for a few months if I had bought all of them.  Shoes v. Food?  I love shoes but I really, really love food.  Hey, at least I got my shoes at Target this time instead of Aldo like I normally love to...

It was also really hot this week and I did get my runs in but came back looking like a drowned rat.  I also sat on top of the air conditioning vent in the living room one of the days I came back because yeah, it actually was THAT hot.

How do you beat the heat on your runs?

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