Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Birthday America

My view from the boat
We of course went to Madison this weekend to play on the boat.  Since the 4th was on Thursday, we left on Wednesday and got ready for a day of boating on Thursday.  My awesome runner friend and I made a bunch of snacks/lunch to take on the boat since we knew there would be a lot adult beverages consumed.  There ended up being seven of us on our boat.  We went to this awesome place called Gilligan’s Island which is really just a huge sand bar between two of the bigger lakes.  There were a lot of other boats there by the time we got there but we were still able to snag a spot and we just kind of hung out in the water and spent the day enjoying the sun and the summer.  Later we went and watched the fireworks by the lake and since I had to work on Friday, I went to bed pretty early.
The fiance and I on the boat - Just ignore the air puff in my cover-up that makes me look 5 months preggo
 I didn’t want us to have to take two cars for the weekend since I knew I was going to commute in to work and then just head right back to Madison that same day, so I ended up taking the commuter coach Friday morning.  It was super cheap round trip and we stopped at Starbucks before the fiancé dropped me off at the bus.  I just kind of read on the way to work, and then had a nice walk from the bus to my work.  After a long day of work, I headed back to the bus and had a nice relaxing air-conditioned ride back to Madison.  My friends picked me up from the bus and we headed right out for dinner for a friend’s birthday.  I had texted the fiancé earlier in the day to dig through my suitcase and bring certain articles of clothing for me to wear.  My bff said she had to take over because what he was pulling was just not right.  I actually thought the fiancé would understand what a spaghetti strap ruffly tank top looked like.  Sigh.  We ended up having an awesome rest of the weekend just playing on the boat and enjoying the beautiful weather.  I love summer!

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