Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patty’s Day and MAJOR NEWS

I’m engaged.  :)
Hehe, finally.  Saturday, in celebration of my favorite holiday, St. Patrick’s Day, my bff and her husband came to town, and we went out with some of my friends in the area.  That morning I went for a quick two miler in anticipation of the beer I would be drinking throughout the day.  While I was getting ready, the fiancé (I love saying that now) asked me if we could go somewhere else first.  Umm…what?  We had had these plans for a couple weeks now – we had the times set up when and where we were going to meet people, etc.  I said as much to him but he kept pushing the issue.  I ended up getting upset and was snarking at him even after he conceded and said fine, we’ll just go with the plans.  I was so confused and frustrated as to why he was trying to change plans the day of. 
 Anyways, my bff and her husband showed up and we got a cab to our first bar where we started with bloody marys.  

YUMMY BLOODY MARYS!  Isn’t my bff awesome?
The fiancé was acting all weird and I just kind of blew it off and figured he’d mellow throughout the day – my bff’s husband is a really good friend of his and I figured he’d be fine.  We left the first place after we finished our bloody marys and met up with my other friends at a packed placed, where they somehow managed to commandeer a table big enough for all of us.  Shortly after we got there, the fiancé asked if I wanted a shot.  Umm NO.  I don’t like shots and I definitely didn’t want to do one at 11:00 a.m.  I went back to talking to my friends and a little later felt a tap on my shoulder.  The fiancé was on one knee asking if I would do a shot with him.  I didn’t get it.  I just told him to get off the dirty bar floor and be serious.  You have to understand that he has done this to me several times over the last year or so – gotten done on one knee and only asked me to have a beer with him, gotten down on one knee at Ribfest with a rib bone and asked me to be his rib queen, etc.  You have to understand.  He said no, do a shot with me and put the shot on the table – I still didn’t get it – until one of my friends started shrieking.  I then saw the big cheesy grin on my fiancé’s face and I also saw the beautiful sparkly ring in the shot glass.  I then got extremely overwhelmed and started crying and he had to ask me to marry him a couple times before I could squeak out a yes.  Lucky for me, one of my good friends was snapping pictures so I have documentation which I am THRILLED about.  The rest of the day was a blur of fun and happiness and I am the luckiest person in the world.  After a long and winding road, I get to marry my best friend.  I am so lucky and so happy.  I can’t wait to be married :)

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