Sunday, January 13, 2013

Playoffs, pt. 2 and how to remove stains

In keeping with the last game’s decision, we decided we didn’t want to jinx the Packers’ luck, so we all decided to watch the game together again at another friend’s house.  Again, I knew we were going to be eating/drinking a bit so I wanted to get my run in that morning.  I had been on Pinterest earlier in the week, which is always a GREAT idea, and had found some awesome fun recipes I wanted to try.  I made a grocery list and the boyfriend and I went to the store to get what we needed.  Afterward, I realized I was already in yoga pants and since the boyfriend could drive the car home, I decided to run home from the grocery store.  Why not?  I had a lot of fun trying to get home from the store, doing a zigzag through neighborhoods. 
 I got home in record time and the boyfriend had sandwiches made for lunch with fresh French bread we had gotten at the store – yum! 
I decided to get my apps/snacks done for the mini-party and started with the caramel apple slices since I knew they would need to set.  All you do is hollow out some green apples, and pour in caramel sauce.  Let them set until the caramel is hardened in the fridge for a while and then slice.  So simple, and so delicious and then you’re not stuck eating a whole caramel apple.
 I also made some stuffed mushrooms, which is my favorite appetizer and some mini personal pizzas.  You just use the little Pillsbury biscuits, and add whatever toppings you want.  I decided to get all the ingredients prepped and ready in Ziploc bags so when people decided to eat pizzas, I could just throw them together.  I chopped green peppers, red peppers, mushrooms, onions, pepperoni, sausage, cheese, and jalapenos.  They turned out great.   The game, however, did not.  It was pretty intense, and touch and go for a while but in the end the 49ers just beat out our defense.  For me, it’s always sad to see my teams’ football season end since it seems like forever until the next season starts.  Better luck next year, Packers.

On the upside…about halfway through the game, my runner friend got all excited and decided to do the Clay Matthews, aka the Predator move in my other friend’s living room…It got a little intense and in the middle of the move, red wine was flying everywhere - including the white rug.  While everyone’s running around frantically, I told them to just put white soda on it since that takes out any stain.  There was some confusion and rather than put a little soda on it, my other friend took the unopened two liter of sprite and started squeezing the whole bottle on the carpet.  There was a flood, everyone was laughing and the red wine mess on the white carpet was gone. 

Moral of the story – white soda really does take the stain out of anything.

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