Sunday, November 8, 2015

1 holiday at a time, recapping the weekend, and #holiday sweat !

Just checking in with a weekend in photos, but let's kick off with our next big challenge!!!

Today started Sweat Pink's Holiday Sweat Challenge.  It runs from November 8th to January 2nd to get us busting our booties and pushing us to burn some extra calories while consuming the holiday deliciousness!  There will be prizes, new workouts, motivating conversation and a whole community of fabulous people to chat with!  This week I'm challenging myself to 500 minutes of physical activity for the week - that's only about 71 minutes per day!  Use #holidaysweat to follow along, or enlighten us with your own ideas on how to beat the holiday calories! 

I found this photo today and this is yet another reason why I love Nordstrom.  One holiday at a time people, enjoy it - life is too short to rush things, especially holidays. :)  Let's remember what each holiday is really about.

The husband and I woke up early enough Saturday morning that we made it through Starbucks and ended up waiting in the parking lot for Crate & Barrel to open... 

After running a few errands, which included grabbing some of our favorite holiday scents from Yankee Candle, we stopped for lunch at Cheesecake Factory.  I had my favorite salad in the world, the Bbq Ranch Chicken Salad... if you've never had it, go get it.  Now.  Also, I promise there IS lettuce under all those beautiful toppings. ;)

We came home and watched the WI Badger game aka my favorite sport / team to watch, and to be really exciting, I topped my Saturday night off with a run to Whole Foods for groceries, a stop at Target, and was in bed with a good read by 9:30 p.m.  Crazy excitement.  

In my defense, I went to bed early last night so I could get my run in early this morning.  It was quite chilly but this view...  

I took the dog on my morning run, and he's been sleeping since we got home... I guess he's not a distance runner.  

We're finishing out the day with some GB Packer football, food prep and getting ready for the week!  

Anyone have any fun pictures that describe your weekend?

What is going to be your #holidaysweat challenge for this week?

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