Thursday, June 4, 2015

Blue Apron GIVEAWAY and National Running Day :)

The winner of the fabulous Spartan Giveaway was Josh!  He was e-mailed early this morning.  Josh, enjoy your birthday race in July! :)

In honor of National Running Day yesterday, I ran 3 miles, and even made my dog come with me.  While he was far more interested in running ahead of me, instead of next to me, despite my best efforts, it was much better than running alone.  I think he was trying to motivate me to run faster... ;)

Enough of that.  I have a really great giveaway again today!!!

I truly do love Blue Apron.  Blue Apron is a meal delivery service that comes right to your door, with all the pre-portioned, farm-fresh ingredients, and delicious seasonal recipe cards, but YOU get to do the cooking!  I love the variety it provides me, and how the meals are perfectly portioned for Ben and I.  We have tried various foods that we've either never heard of, and put foods together that I never realized would taste so delicious once combined.  

I have been receiving Blue Apron for about 18 months now, on and off, depending on our schedule that week.  You can opt for different sizes for delivery but I always choose the meals for 2, because it is more than sufficient for myself and Ben.  It averages about $9.99 per meal with only the freshest ingredients from local farmers, and you receive 3 meals for the week.  There is no charge for shipping, and you can skip a week, or cancel at anytime.  My deliveries come on Wednesdays, and as long as I cancel the week before by noon, there is no charge.  The meals come in refrigerated boxes so you never have to worry about your food rotting on your porch while you're out for a run or at work.

Each meal has a separate recipe card and has exact portions of the ingredients you need.  

The recipe cards are very sturdy and eye-catching so they're nice to save in case you want to make those particular meals again.  The cards also have color photos to show exactly what your food should look like along the way!  I really enjoy experimenting in the kitchen but lack a bit of the creativity required to do so.  Blue Apron solves that.  Even my 'strictly-meat-and-potatoes' husband enjoys these meals.  The best part, is that they are flavorful and take less than 30 minutes to prepare!  No chopping/slicing/dicing to waste your time/energy after a long work day.  I love learning the new techniques, and even found a better method of pickling in a recent delivery.  
If you've never tried Blue Apron before, now is the time!  Simply comment below with your favorite summer activity, and two lucky winners will receive a FREE DELIVERY of Blue Apron meals!!  Winners will be chose randomly on Wednesday, June 10th!  

Thanks!!! :)

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