Thursday, July 10, 2014

My new best friends (sorry Anna and Christy)

Today’s workout:
4 mile run
3 X 20 crunches
3 X 15 push ups

I’ve been making some really good decisions lately.  This is rare – poor life choices have been consuming my life for quite some time, i.e. only tying one of my shoes on a recent run, wearing mis-matched heels to work (they were both black), accidentally grabbing the regular eggs, instead of the hardboiled, out of the fridge and then trying to crack them at my desk…the list goes on. 
Don’t feel bad, I’ve made some really good decisions in the last few months.  I ran Ragnar with the coolest people ever, married Ben, and spent two weeks in Hawaii.  However, the best decision I’ve made in a long time is buying these Adrenalin GTS 14s

(just kidding Ben – marrying you was obviously my best decision).  Really though, these shoes are my new best friends.  I’ve been running in Brooks for a long time now and these are by far the best running shoes I’ve owned.  Ever.  Don’t tell my Glycerin 11s that though, or my human best friends for that matter.  I love these so much that I am actually contemplating going back and getting another pair immediately for fear that they will discontinue them or no longer carry the big foot size.  
You know how runners by nature have really unattractive feet?  Well, mine have decided they’re in a competition for the worst ones.  My second toe on both feet is as long as my big toe so when my foot strikes on a run, all the pressure usually hits that toe first.  I started wearing these toe caps from Pro-tec and they are incredible.  They have made a world of difference, even on my shorter runs.  I also went up a half size in shoes, by recommendation of one of the experts at my favorite running store.
If you’re looking for a new running shoe, check these out.  The support, the cushioning, and even the design are in my opinion, one of the best to come out of Brooks.

What shoes do you run in?

Are you loyal to one brand?

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