Monday, July 7, 2014

I'm baaaack (finally) and an awesome article I just read :)

So let's start with my biggest apology for the two month hiatus.  I was extremely busy with wedding planning, work, and training/running various races.  Something had to go and unfortunately it was my blog.  It won't happen again - no really, it won't - because I've finally run my first Ragnar, married the love of my life, and spent two glorious honeymoon weeks in Hawaii.  May and June were crazy.  Seriously crazy.   

I am catching up on several posts, such as my last half marathon, my Ragnar recap, and my wedding/honeymoon deets...stay tuned!

In other news, I am training for my first full marathon which is happening October 5th, here in Milwaukee.  I volunteered at it last year and knew it had to be my first.  

Lastly, I read this awesome article today (actually that whole website is awesome) about things that annoy runners about things non-runners say to them.  Got it?  :)  Just read it and I'll finish up my delayed posts. 

Random thought for today:  I had fresh peaches as part of my lunch today - woohoo - they're finally in season!!!

Happy running!!!

Are you running today?  How far?

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