Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Interview with Joe DeSena, creator of Spartan Race

Today's workout:
~ 2 mile run
~ 30 crunches
~ 3 X 1 min planks

So as promised on yesterday's post, here's my interview with Joe DeSena!

Me:  What has been your biggest challenge, fitness-wise, and what do you love about pushing your physical/mental limits?

Joe DeSena:  I was just never great at Pullups...they always suck...so I will make sure my kids are not dealing with Pullup adversity like their dad in life.  Pushing physical limits helps rewire your brain...the brain doesn't get rewired without lots of pressure...that is how coals turn into diamonds.

Me:  Where is your favorite place to race or what has been your favorite race?

Joe D:  I would say Montana this year is my favorite race...its just so natural and raw.  It's hard to get to places like that in our current lives.

Me:  You talk about how you want to inspire people - is that what motivates you?

Joe D:  Getting shit done in life...bieng the best I can be.

Me:  Granted, it's relative, but what in your opinion, is the hardest obstacle to overcome in a Spartan Race?

Joe D:  Yourself.  If you can get your head to believe you can get anything done, that is the key.  We are all our own greatest obstacles.

Me:  I'm an avid reader and the excerpt I received of your book immediately hooked me - how long did this book take you to write?

Joe D:  30 years!  It's about changing your frame of reference in life...and learning the truth about what it takes to be successful.

Me:  Anything specific you want people to know about you, your book, or your races?

Joe D:  Hard work and adversity are great privileges as they change your life.  We shouldn't shy away from them.

So there you have it.  I was incredibly inspired (once again) with these answers.  Have you ordered the book yet?  You should.  Order it here and run inspired :)

“Two words describe Joe De Sena and Spartan Up!—Game Changer! Read this book and you will dramatically transform the way you think, lead, work, and live. This is the ultimate resource for personal and professional transformation.”  ~John Brubaker, performance consultant and author of The Coach Approach

*I was not paid to write this post and all opinions and questions stated above are my own.

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