Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday, Monday and a Ragnar focus

Today’s workout:
-          -60 minute circuit training class
-          -2 mile run

I’m about 3 months and 10 days away from my wedding day.  It’s so strange and exciting to think about.  In the midst of all this planning, I’m training for more half marathons, Ragnar and my first full.  Just a little timeline…Ragnar is June 6 – 7th, my 30th birthday is June 7th (yes, I’m choosing to run Ragnar on my landmark birthday) and my wedding is June 14th.  I’ve heard a lot of people refer to me as “crazy” because I’m choosing to run a 2 day, 200 mile relay one week before my wedding.  

My cut off time for wedding stuff is the weekend before Ragnar – whatever isn’t done at that point, meh.  I’m not going to worry about it.  Anything at that point is just last minute details that you try to throw together anyways.  It’s not about the last minute decorations – it’s about having fun with your fiancé and your family and friends and enjoying yourself.  Nobody is going to remember whether or not I forgot something – what they will remember is if we all had fun together. 

I’ve begun chatting a bit with some of the fabulous gals I’m going to be running Ragnar with and I know we’re going to have a blast.  We have an all-girl team and we’ve decided on the team name, Your Pace or Mine.  I’ve heard so many good things about Ragnar and it’s always been a huge goal of mine.  Spend 36 hours in two vans with people you only sort of know?  What a great experience :)

It’s March 3rd and still very cold here – I’m hoping it warms up in time for my 15k in April and my two half marathons in May.  A lot of big things coming up and I can’t wait!

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