Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday in photos and GO BADGERS!

We went to the WI Badger v. Michigan State basketball game with my parents today at the Kohl Center in Madison.  This was the game of the year.

My dad surprised me at breakfast with these awesome new contact cases - We love fun Badger things.


The fiance's mom made this little purse - she's super talented and can pretty much sew/make anything.  She's making my clutch and my veil for my wedding.  This purse is awesome - if you want a specific color/pattern, she can make it!  I'm going to "order" a black one and a brown one for our honeymoon.  They're a great size (this one fit my wallet, keys, cell phone, and chapstick with room to spare).

I saw this sign in the store at the place we went to breakfast at and I loved it.  I couldn't imagine not buying it so I went to the register to pay...and my dad made me let him pay for it - he's such a good guy :)

After we got to the Kohl Center, I of course had to go into Bucky's Locker Room, which is the fan store in the arena - I got this awesome water bottle and these two new running headbands.

Right before the tip off...

During a timeout, the BADGER FOOTBALL TEAM (which are my FAVORITE) came out and did a dance routine - it was the most funny, awesome thing I have ever seen.

And of course...Bucky Badger with the cheerleaders - they spin in a circle staying in this formation.  Bucky's awesome :)

After a pretty intense game, BADGERS WIN!!!

Any favorite sporting events?

Who is your favorite team?

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