Wednesday, January 8, 2014

These will make me run faster!

Back in October a friend of mine from college told me to become a Sweat Pink Ambassador.  We lost touch a little bit after college but she started following my blog as soon as I started it in January 2013 and she frequently sends me articles, and constructive criticisms which I LOVE.  

So I wasn't really sure what it meant to BE a Sweat Pink Ambassador so I looked into and learned that Fit Approach is all about the health lifestyle, but includes everyone at ANY fitness level.  I really loved that.  There is no specificity on gender and it's really a community of super supportive people helping you towards your goals.  While I've still got a lot to learn, I've already "met" and corresponded with a couple people quite frequently.  They're super supportive and one of them even sent me an e-card when I finally broke an hour in my 10k a few days ago!

So today in the mail, I received a nice package from Fit Approach full of pink shoelaces for me to distribute to others to motivate them to get fit!

They sent me a whole bag of these with the sweat pink tag on each one...I thought the phrase on the bottom was super cute since I love anything pink :)

Can't wait to become more involved with this.  Another girl and I have some ideas on how to get the community out there for this - more deets to come!!!

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