Thursday, January 30, 2014

Heat Wave and Step class Thursday

Thursday's workout:
1 hour step aerobics class
3 X 10 shoulder presses
3 X 10 calf raises
3 X 10 planks
MAJOR stretching

So I walked outside today and..heat wave!  Well not really, but it was 23 degrees which makes it almost 40 degrees warmer than it was Monday and Tuesday.

I had a really long day at work - this week has been a long week in general, I think mostly because of the cold.  You see, I complain about the cold but a coworker sent me this photo and it made me happy because a) it looks a lot like a trail I used to run on in college and b) because if we didn't have the cold, we wouldn't have this.  We learn how to dance in the rain and when the going gets tough, we keep going.

After work I decided to do an hour step class in the gym at work - best decision I've made this week.  I sweated through the class, loved every minute and it went by super fast!  We did ab work and leg work and balance work - it was amazing!  I might make this an every Thursday thing.

After class, I picked up my favorite salad from the Public Market - I paired it with a mini-bagel because as all runners understand, I love my carbs :)

What did you have for dinner?

Have you ever taken a step class?

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