Saturday, December 28, 2013

I am superlame and proud of that fact

Now that Christmas is over and our wedding is in less than six months – I need to get back to my semi-healthy routine.  To kick that off, I am having a salad from my favorite “Green Kitchen” tonight. 

I have a 4 mile run with some weights after on the schedule for tomorrow so I’m going to take it easy tonight and catch up on some reading, enjoy my salad, and probably crash early.  The last couple weeks of craziness has taken it’s toll on me – I’m super tired and pretty sure it’s partially from the terrible eating habits I developed over the holidays…i.e. cookies for lunch and Hershey kisses for dinner – I’m pretty sure that’s not a part of the food pyramid. 

That being said, I’m super excited for a ginormous salad, a good book and a fuzzy blanket on this Saturday night.  Yup, I’m superlame and completely proud of that fact! 

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