Thursday, June 20, 2013

The most pitiful puppy and a quick run

I had plans last night to go to a friend's house for a fire and some wine, but I still wanted to get a quick run in.  Because I was kind of in a rush, I tried to sneak out of the house without my short distance running buddy...but he caught me.

This is the look your dog gives you when he sees you in your running clothes right before you head out the door...and he doesn't have his leash on.

Pitiful puppy face: 1
Puppy's mama: 0

I ended up running 2.5 miles, with my dog, and hoped he would forgive me.  Unfortunately for me, this is what he still looked like later, long after the fact.

Regardless of my indiscretion, my short distance running buddy and I had a good run.  However, I wonder when I'll be forgiven for my attempt to sneak off on that short run without him...

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