Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sore abs and warm cookies

My abs are really sore today.  For some reason, in the last few years, I’ve been more sore the second day.  I’m not kidding, every time I cough or sneeze today, my life flashes before my eyes.  Ouch.  I don’t mind too much – it means I’ll have washboard abs after a few more weeks of this yoga business – or maybe not.  I just keep telling myself that so I won’t give up and bail on yoga again. 
On the upside, there’s this place that my company works with a lot that is always sending us fresh warm cookies to thank us for our business.  They’re the best and the cookies are really amazing.  My favorite is the chocolate cookie with chocolate chips.  Don’t worry, I didn’t take only a half a cookie – I probably should have taken the picture prior to demolishing half of this beautiful thing.  However, it was wafting its fabulous scent at me and it was all warm and yummy looking so the picture had to wait.  I would apologize and say it won’t happen again, but that would be a lie.  I feel bad now – I failed to tell you that I actually had two cookies.  Before you freak out, I had one of my favorite salads from the Green Kitchen concocted for me for lunch to balance out the sugar indulgence. 
Spring mix, cauliflower, cucumbers, red pepper, green onions, mushrooms, feta cheese, chicken and garbanzo beans with raspberry lemon vinaigrette dressing tossed in.  YUM.  I could eat there every day.  They're in the Public Market downtown and they have any ingredient you could want in a salad.  If you're not a salad person, they also have really great sandwiches and an awesome juice bar.

I joined the Badgerland Striders, which is Milwaukee's running club and I’m going to my first monthly meeting tonight.  The club does these monthly meetings where they have a guest speaker and it’s kind of a meet and greet, get to know other runners and plan fun runs kind of thing.  I’m pretty excited about it.  I’m going to get a run in after work and then head to the meeting.  

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