Sunday, October 20, 2013

Corn Maze 5K Run

This fake pig was part of the farm scene at the race -
I wanted to be sleeping when I got there, and since I love pigs...
I woke up late this morning.  I meant to wake up at 6:00 but didn’t wake up until 6:30.  We had to leave by 7:00 a.m. to get ot the race in time.  I was freezing.  I ended up wearing my new Adidas climacool pants and one of my racing tanks under this Layer*8 long sleeve that I got.  Good thing, because when we left the house it was 38 degrees.  BRRR.  We had to stop for gas because I let my tank go really low again.  I know I shouldn’t do this but I really hate going to the gas station.  I don’t know why, I just really hate going there – everyone has their thing, right?  I just find it annoying.  I drank my coffee and some water, and had some of the flax seed banana bread for breakfast.  The fiancĂ© drove, so I just relaxed and tried to keep warm.  Oh, and I navigated.  If you’ve ever met me, you know what a bad idea this is – even with a GPS, I somehow get lost.  We made it to the race, about 45 minutes away, with plenty of time to spare, and wandered around a bit taking pictures. 
Yes, get excited - that is a GOAT bridge - with real, live goats.  WE LOVED THIS!
I was pretty sure I had never been that cold in my life. 
This is the start of the race
I lined up in my wave, and the way they started was every 3 seconds, the next runner would go.  I soon found out that was because the whole 5k course was a bunch of hairpin turns through the cornfield.  It was super muddy and, at times, really slippery.  I didn’t fall once, surprisingly enough.  I knew it wasn’t going to be a PR course, just give all the turns and the terrain.  It was nice inside the maze – I felt very at-one-with-nature. 
I finished with a time of 30:34.  Not a very good time but given the course, I’m happy with my finish.
I felt good after and we took some more pictures, and I picked up some recovery snacks. 
One of the best things about this race is that one of their recovery snacks was candy corn.  Yay.  I also found a chocolate milk that I absolutely love.  I normally cannot stand any kind of milk and only drink it if I forced.  My mom used to make me sit at the table until I finished my milk.  BLECH!  It was really good and I can’t wait for some more. 
I loved the Beatles themed shirts - the only downfall that it is too big and you couldn't exchange shirts.
All in all a fun race, if a bit chilly. 

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