Monday, September 16, 2013

Staying up Way Too Late and Fabulous Smoothies

So last weekend, I had some friends in town and I knew we had a big weekend ahead of us so I decided to get my longer run in on Friday morning.  Well of course, one of my friends got out of work late and didn’t get into town until midnight, and of course we had to gossip and catch up…so I didn’t go to sleep until about 3am.  BAD idea.  I’m too old for that…
 We had planned to sleep in a bit anyways Friday morning since we had a long weekend ahead of us so we woke up around 9am and after a few minor setbacks, I was out the door running at 10am.  I decided with the late start and the long day, I would do a shorter run, about 4 miles, but do a quicker pace so as to at least burn some of the calories I was going to be consuming with our dinner out plans.  It was pretty chilly Friday morning, maybe about 50 degrees but I knew I would get warm on the sunnier parts of my run, so I still wore my running tank and pants.  Mile 1 I was pretty chilly but the fresh crisp air felt good in my lungs.  When I turned the corner by mile 2, I could feel myself getting warm and also into the sunnier spot of my route.  For miles 2 ½ - 3 ½, I was in a pretty sunny spot and was really happy I had worn my tank instead of a long sleeve.  Plus, I hate running in sleeves as I find them to be confining and I just get really warm.
 Just throwing in a random picture of my dog because I love him and he is furry and fabulous!!!
Moving on – Thursday, I had bought some fresh strawberries and bananas, and also some of the light and fit yogurt and had planned to make smoothies with fresh bagels for breakfast…so about mile 3 ½, I was getting really hungry and really excited for a cup of coffee, a smoothie and a bagel.  I picked up the pace and finished strong.  I was really happy that I got my run in, even though it was short, while my friends were in town.  It made me feel not so guilty about the beer we had later at the new beer garden in the area.
 I love rewarding myself and I’ve learned that if I plan something exciting for myself after my run (i.e. a fresh fruit smoothie), I seem to run with more energy and spunk. 
 What makes you run faster, or farther?  What is your most comfortable running outfit?

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