Wednesday, September 11, 2013

10 Years and Counting...

Working for the weekend…

I am off work on Friday and am super excited about it. My two bffs (we have been friends for over ten years) are coming into town tomorrow to stay with me and they will be here until Sunday. 2 full days and 3 nights of girls’ weekend. I can’t wait. Hopefully they get into town early enough tonight so my tired self will still be awake. We have a lot to get done in a short period of time. Also, I'm going to post extra pics in this post because I feel like you should know them too since they'll be mentioned on here A LOT.

The reason they’re coming is because we are…dress shopping! Yes, for my upcoming wedding in June. Friday we plan to do some bridesmaid dress shopping after I make them an awesome breakfast of these new awesome, actually really healthy, strawberry/banana and yogurt smoothies, and bagels. I found this awesome recipe for the smoothies in my blender book. You just use fresh strawberries, fresh bananas, yogurt (I use Dannon’s fat free vanilla), blend together with a little bit of ice and voila – you have a fabulous low-cal smoothie! We are also thinking of going to this brewery that I love that has giant bean bags boards – the boards are actually the size of twin beds, and the bags are the size of couch pillows. SO much fun but it’s actually a pretty good arm work out too – the bags are heavy! Hey for those of us runners who dislike any sort of arm workout, we take what we can get =)

Then Saturday we’re going to do the one thing I’ve been not looking forward to all summer – wedding dress shopping. My mom and the fiance’s mom are coming into town early Saturday morning, and going with us girls. Hopefully it will be painless. I feel like I’m the epitome of the non-bride when it comes to this dress shopping thing. First of all, I’m quite terrified that I will look hideous in everything because I do not look good in white. Secondly, I am worried that I’m not going to find anything that even comes close to what the picture I have in my mind looks like. Yes, I’m being completely irrational and I’m sure everything will go fine – but you know, I like to worry about such things. Another thing, whose idea was it to make wedding dress sizes a size or two bigger than you normally are? Nothing like feeling ginormous on the one day of your life where it’s like required to feel beautiful.

Anyways, before wedding dress shopping Saturday, we plan to head to my favorite place in the world for breakfast. They usually have a long wait and the waiting area is pretty small so they let you go in, and get your coffee cups and sit outside at these little patio tables while you wait for your table – very relaxing. We have several appointments at various places and I hope I’m able to find something that I love. Our Saturday evening plans involve finding a place that has some live music and burning some calories dancing our ***** off. =)

Needless to say, I’m quite excited for this upcoming weekend of having some fabulous girl time with my bffs (I’ve banned the fiancĂ© from the house for the weekend as well – he loves it – he gets to have unsupervised boy time). Every time the three of us get together, we have a blast and it’s really good for my abs because we never stop laughing. I’m not kidding, one time I was driving home from a visit with them and I shifted forward in my seat and my abs were actually aching – this is a) not a joke, and b) not normal…except for us it is. After over ten years of friendship, we have that no-holds-barred, know-everything-almost too much, kind of friendship. They’re more like my sisters, and they’re definitely on my short list of people I would stand in the line of fire for.

I somehow, I will figure out how to get my two long runs in that I’m supposed to accomplish between now and Saturday evening. I’m not too worried, my bffs are very supportive of my addictionobsession love for running. Happy long weekend!

Today’s lesson learned: The first sip of morning coffee does wonders for an icky mood

Today’s advice: Clean your house the day before your friends come, not the day before or you’ll be rushing around like a maniac

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