Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Livin’ off the Land and other fabulousness

 One of my coworkers has been providing me with fresh veggies from her garden all summer long and I have to say I’m getting a bit spoiled.  This week, she brought in a big copy box full of fresh tomatoes, cilantro, garlic, green peppers, and okra.  So I decided to try something new – I’m going to make, and can, some fresh salsa and sauces.  Now, several times I’ve made homemade salsa and get wonderful compliments on it, and I have also made several batches of homemade sauce.  I have never canned these things though, and from what I hear from another runner friend, is that it is messy and not very much fun, but hey, I try everything at least twice.  I say twice because the first time I’ve already convinced myself that I will love it or hate it, and the second time is the process of elimination.  Did I love it/hate it the first time because I already had my mind made up, or because I actually felt that way. 
 This means that for my first weekend at home without any plans for the first time in a LONG time, I am super excited to can my own food.  I just reread that sentence and realized that I sound old…and super lame…and maybe a little house-wifey.  Good thing the fiancé already knew me before I decided to start ‘living off the land.’  =)  While I’m on my living off the land soapbox, same veggie coworker and I went to lunch today at a vegetarian restaurant that makes/grows almost all of their own ingredients, and also has a wide variety of teas and juices – also homegrown.  I was a little leery of the place at first, since I love my bacon!  However…I was pleasantly surprised.  I had an eggplant, pepper, and goat cheese pita with grapes on the side, and a glass of rosewater lemonade.  The food was INCREDIBLE and I can’t wait to make my own rosewater lemonade.  Also, I can’t wait to go back because I really wanted to try the salad that veggie coworker ended up getting…  I wonder if my steak and potatoes loving fiancé would give this place a chance…
 I’m trying to make more of an effort at eating healthier, still allowing myself the guilty pleasures, but I’m also trying to make a conscious effort to save money in the way of groceries how I can.  Plus, the flavor in canned sauces and salsas always seems to be missing something, so fiancé and I usually have to throw in some garlic or basil to make it have a better flavor.  Who knows, by next year, I may be right back the old fail safe canned goods.

 What do you do to make a healthier eating effort?  Do you have a favorite restaurant that’s a little bit different?

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