Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bayview's Palomino - Moscow mules and amazing BLTs

There’s a little place in Bayview that is hidden down a street that most people don’t normally go, but definitely should.  The Palomino is a wonderful restaurant that’s been around since we've lived in the area.  They make a Moscow mule that is out of this world delicious.  They also make a great brandy old fashioned, which is a must for me in the winter and spring.  
Additionally, their BLT’s (a favorite of mine) are something that I don’t usually order when I go out since they’re super easy to make at home, are a must have when I go here.  The entrees come with a choice of two sides, anything from French fries to fried okra to barbecue baked beans.  The inside is not large by any means but it’s always clean, the service is amazing, and they also have a little outside area to sit when the weather’s nice.  I judge a lot of my restaurants on whether or not they have outdoor areas since I LOVE to sit outside in the spring/summer/fall.  Their breakfast is also amazing and they let you substitute however you prefer things.  Check it out – I guarantee you’ll enjoy it. 

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