Sunday, January 27, 2013

City Tins and an awesome gift

My godmother got the boyfriend and I an AWESOME gift for Christmas.  It’s a City Tin.  It’s a round tin that looks like it has a bunch of coasters in it. 
When you look closer, you see that each of those coasters is a coupon for a new/fun/different restaurant in the southeast Wisconsin area.  You get $10 off a $25 purchase.  In the top of the tin is a spinner with all the different restaurants listed and when you spin the arrow it lands on one.  If you’re indecisive, you can just spin the arrow and it’ll tell you where to try for dinner.  It’s perfect for us because we’ve been getting really tired of the same old same old restaurants but can never think of anything other than our rotation of regular restaurants.  The City Tin was a fundraiser that her school was doing and she decided to buy us one for Christmas.  

We love it and tried the first one last night after I went for a long, cold 5 mile run.  I wanted a little warm up reward after somehow dragging myself out of the house when it was freezing and sleeting out.  

We had great food and great drinks at a place we had never been to, and the $10 off saved us the price of drinks for once.  I’m really excited to try all the new places in the tin throughout the next year.

I had a couple really good runs this week and one not-so-good run.  It's really hard for me to get used to the cold feeling in my chest when it's snowing/sleeting out.  It's also really hard to get mileage in when you're constantly dodging the ice on the sidewalks.  I really do love winter running - but I really don't like running tip-toe to avoid slipping on the ice.  Hurry up spring!

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