Monday, January 19, 2015

The agony of defeat, and taking a leap of faith

My GB Packers lost yesterday in the NFC Championship.  Since I’m still devastated by that loss, we’ll move on to big and better topics until my heart heals (okay, I’m a bit dramatic).

Since tearing my ACL in September and surgery in October, I’ve done a bit of soul searching because this being sidelined business is just not for me.  I’m on the upswing now and according to my PT, will start treadmill running this week! 
However, it’s going to take some time to build up to where I was and this has started me thinking not just on where I want to be and where I want I go, but how to get there.  I’ve been asked on several occasions by an instructor at my gym if I’ve ever considered teaching a couple fitness classes since according to her, I “have a great attitude and really get people in class to have fun.”  I had to confirm she was sure she had the right person…kidding! J

After several discussions with my husband as well as a good friend, I've decided to take a leap of faith and try for my certified personal training certificate through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, or NASM as it is more commonly known.  Once I receive the materials, I will have 180 days to study for, and complete the final exam.  There are several different options that they offer, and I've opted for the self-study program, which includes among other benefits, video presentations, an exercise library, case studies, online flashcards and discussions, and the textbook.

While I am not looking for a new career, or a second job, if an opportunity presents itself to teach a spin class, or other fitness class at some point, I will likely not turn it down.  My primary focus and reasoning for this is personal gain, and to understand more about my body and ways to prevent any future injuries.  
I will probably never consider my ACL tear to be a good thing but that and the follow up PT has certainly opened my eyes, and taught me a lot about myself and how much I can handle.  Running has taught me to be strong, but I also don’t need to run a race every month to be a strong runner.  I can’t eat whatever I want just because I’ll “burn it off on a run.”  I want my new ACL to last a good long time and to do that, I need to listen to my body and learn about what makes it tick, and tick well.  If I never teach a class or do anything with my CPT certificate, that’s okay because I will learn a lot along the way, and that alone will make me a stronger runner.

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