Thursday, September 18, 2014

10 Days Grateful

Anyone with a Facebook account has probably seen a multitude of posts over the past few weeks about the 10, 30, or 100 days grateful challenge.  I haven't been nominated for that yet but after yesterday's post, I figured I should put on my big girl pants and go back to my more positive self, thereby inspiring Grateful Thursday.

1.  I am grateful...that I will be able to run again.  This is not a permanent injury.

2.  I am grateful...that I have incredibly supportive friends that have offered everything from driving me to my surgery to bottles of wine to conversation.

3.  I am grateful...that I have a great job, and great insurance so I can afford this set back.

4.  I am have married an amazing man who doesn't bat an eye when he has to do simple things for me.

5.  I am grateful...for this giant dog who incorrectly believes he is a lap dog, as ever since this happened, he stays close to my side, and no longer barrels at me at full speed when I come through the door even though he is super excited and can hardly contain himself.
6.  I am work for a company that told me to wear jeans to work until this whole thing is over, because my skinny jeans are really the only thing that fit under my giant leg brace without difficulty.

7.  I am have a great surgeon/doctor who is incredibly honest and open about every step of this process and provided me with his direct number and e-mail address so I can contact him any time I have a question or concern.

8.  I am grateful...for a wonderful family that tries to make me laugh and reminds me that I can get through anything.
9.  I am grateful...for my blog and my readers because it gives me a place to put down all my thoughts and feelings, no matter what is going on.

10.  I am grateful...that I have friends and family and a job and a roof over my head.

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