Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Musings #3, circuit training, and that groundhog better watch it!

Monday workout:
- 15 minutes morning stretching
- 1 hour circuit training class
- 20 minutes add'l stretching/foam rolling

The above quote is one of my favorites - I try to remember this on hard days.  

Day 3 of the 100 Day Challenge - now that the lovely groundhog has seen his shadow and we have six more weeks of winter - I'm trying to refrain from sobbing out loud as I write that - he better watch it if he comes back out before the weather gets warm.

I have to be creative in my 100 days of workouts on the days that I don't normally run.  I try to do cross training or running five days a week and utilize Fridays and Mondays as rest days.  Rest days are not complete sedentary, I usually just do some stretches or if I'm feeling extra motivated, some yoga or pilates.  Today I thought of the 100 Days and decided to try out this hour long circuit training class at the company gym.  After yesterday's run, it was the perfect workout.  It focused a lot on arms, squats, abs, and lunges.  It was pretty tough but the instructor was super energetic and fun.  

There was a point in the workout where she decided to do a rotation where everyone would be on 1 station for as long it took the next person in line to do a combination lunge/shoulder press all around the gym - once that person made it 3/4 of the way, she would yell "double time"...and we'd have to try to go faster.  It's entirely possible it was that which caused me to fall off the exercise ball during the abs/arm fly station, not my general inability to balance...

How amazing that there were 7 people in the class and 7 stations.  Yeah - we did that fun activity twice - I had a blast....and of course the 100 Day Challenge photo of the day.  I promise I will take more crazy photos in the future when I get into the rhythm and remember to ask someone else to take my photo for the challenge. 

Have you ever tried circuits?

Any creative new workout you've tried recently?

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