Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spoiling the most beautiful little girl in the world and OPI polish

These are two of the things I bought for my niece right when she was born.  (Ignore the pig timer on the stove to the left in the first photo - I just really love pigs and have a lot of pig things).

Before you ask why I bought a newborn a toddler pool, think of it like this:

Mom and Dad are outside and want to bring her too, but it's super sunny out.  Blow up this pool, but the back toward the sun, and VOILA - automatic sun shade for the newborn.  Genius idea if I do say so myself.

I also decided to go run to the nail store and get this polish I've been wanting for awhile.  I love OPI nail polish.  It's my favorite.  This new one is called Ski Teal You Drop and while I'm a skiing disaster, I really do love this color.

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