Monday, February 11, 2013

Badger basketball and an awesome rueben

 We went to the badger basketball game with my parents yesterday.  It was a blast.  The boyfriend and I spent the weekend in Madison before the game.  We met up with my parents for dinner Saturday night at a place called the Great Dane, and I had an awesome Rueben and a brandy old fashioned.   
I absolutely love Rueben sandwiches and I also really love a good brandy old fashioned.  After dinner, we were able to get together with my bff and her husband.  We always have a lot of fun with them.   We just kind of hung out and had some wine.  Sunday, the boyfriend and I got up early and went out for a quick breakfast before meeting my parents for the game.  Breakfast was mediocre at best.  The coffee was lukewarm and tasted like it was burnt.  I hate that – when the coffee tastes as though it’s been sitting there for hours, just rotting in the pot.  I mean c’mon, breakfast places should always have fresh coffee.  One of my pet peeves.

We met my parents’ at their hotel and took their car to the game.  We had to park a few blocks away and it was freezing and windy.  My dad gave me this super cute neecklace before we went in – I love presents.  We went to our seats which were awesome – right next to the tunnel where the players run out. 
We took some pictures and had a chance to go into the fan shop before the game.  I bought some new badger running sunglasses and my parents bought their soon-to-be grandchild a Badger onesie.  My brother and sister-in-law aren’t finding out the gender of the baby so we’re all buying gender neutral things.  Lucky for us, Badger red looks great on anyone!

We had a great time at the game and of course the Badgers won.  I love being able to take my parents to things like this – sports are one of the things my Dad and I can really bond over.  Besides, seeing Bucky Badger always make for a great weekend!

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